Ephesians 3

David Lemmons writes…

This post will begin a series of posts under the category “260-NT.” This happens to be the number of chapters in the New Testament. Under this category I will be, from time to time, posting articles which will include links to study aids for many of the chapters of Scripture. These links will be to files that will help to explain, illustrate, or apply chapters or portions of chapters of the New Testament. Should be a project that could last the rest of my life, I suppose, 🙂 ! The titles of these type of posts will have the consecutive number of the Bible book and the chapter number.

Among my responsibilities as the preacher at North Marshall is radio preaching on a program we call “Back to the Bible.” I am constantly offering through this broadcast to help folks who are interested in Bible study. It is rare that requests are received for that help, but it remains my constant offer and it is repeated each time I speak. I truly believe that going back to the Bible is the most important thing any of us can do.

I know that there is much already on the internet to aid Bible study. As I read and prepare for the Bible classes I teach, I read a great deal of material. This post today deals with items I’ve read in studying Ephesians 3.

01. Book of Ephesians… “Dividing the Material,” by Dr. C. Philip Slate,

02. Chapter 3. PDF Handout used in my Bible Class at North Marshall covering chapters 3 and 4 as part of our Bible Study Guide curriculum.

03. 3:1-21… A section on: “God’s Eternal Plan Revealed in the Church (3:1-21),” by Brian Gochenour, in his lecture: “Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians,” in “The Revelation of the Mystery,” edited by Tommy J. Hicks, pp., 376-77, Lubbock, TX: Hicks Publications, 2003.

04. 3:1-7… “The Revelation of the Mystery,” by Warren E. Berkley, Expository Files, 4/2003.

05. 3:1-7… “Is the Sword Dependable?,” a sermon outline by David Lemmons.

06. 3:1-7… “Can We Understand the Bible Alike?,” by Wayne Jackson,

07. 3:1-9… “We Can Understand the Bible,” a detailed sermon outline (class notes in Prison Epistles) from Wendell Winkler, in two parts, click HERE for part 2.

08. 3:1-12… “Paul’s Mission to the Gentiles,” by Dan Harless.

09. 3:1-13… “The Mystery of Christ,” by Bob Mize.

10. 3:3-10… “Revelation: A Critical Concept,” by Charles Barrick.

11. 3:3-4… “Was the Bible Written to Be Understood?, by Garland Robinson.

12. 3:4… “Attitudes Which Discourage Personal Bible Study,” by Marvin Rickett.

13. 3:5… “The New Testament: A Product of Man of God?,” by Eric Lyons.

14. 3:6-11… “A Study of Ephesians 3:6-11,” by Kenneth Burleson.

15. 3:8-21… “The Church in Purpose,” by Leslie G. Thomas, in Teacher’s Annual Lesson Commentary, 1967, pp., 7-13, Nashville: Gospel Advocate Company. Outline:

I. Paul’s Commission to Preach the Mystery of the Church to the Gentiles (3:8-13).

II. Paul’s Prayer that His Readers Might Apprehend the Fullness of their Life in the Church (3:14-19). There is a very excellent discussion in this section regarding how Christ dwells in the Christian. If you do not have access to this volume, I might be able to be persuaded to keyboard it into a post on this forum.

III. An Ascription of Praise to God for His Great Goodness toward Us (3:20-21).

16. 3:8-21… “The Church in God’s Eternal Purpose,” by W. Gaddys Roy.

17. 3:8-21… “Exposition of Ephesians 3:8-21,” by Warren E. Berkley, Expository Files, 5/1998.

18. 3:10-11… “The Manifold Wisdom of God,” by Mike Willis, Expository Files, 1/2000.

19. 3:10… “Christ and His Church in Purpose,” by Basil Overton.

20. 3:10-11… “The Unique Church,” by Dave Miller.

21. 3:14-21… “A Prayer of Paul,” by Frank L. Cox.

22. 3:17… “A Twofold Indwelling,” by Frank L. Cox.

23. 3:17… I believe with the author of this piece that the Holy Spirit dwells in the Christian in the same manner that God and Christ indwell us, consider this article: “Does the Holy Spirit Deter One from Sin?,” by Ben F. Vick, Jr.

24. 3:20-21… “The Unfathomable Power of God,” by Carey Dillinger, Expository Files, 8/2003.