Introducing the Church of Christ

Perhaps you, like me, may not have been aware that the booklet Introducing the Church of Christ is available online. It has been around for quite some time and should be quite helpful to many people who are not familiar with the New Testament church. If you cannot read the sub-title in the image above, it reads: Distinctive Features of the Church Discussed by Over Fifty of Her Ministers.


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A Beautiful Mt. LeConte Sunrise

It seems that my nephew, Jamie Barnes, is quite a photographer and hiker.  His photo of a sunrise at Mt. LeConte has been chosen as today’s Picture of the Day

He has prepared a photo-rich report of his hike (a birthday celebration getaway).  He even was privileged to snap a bear!

In the report he mentions an upcoming father/son trip to the same place in June of 2007.  They had an extra slot for that trip when it was being planned and I was asked to come along.  But for a scheduling conflict, I could have had the pleasure of seeing some of these magnificent views and testing my endurance on the mount.

Anyhow, happy birthday, Jamie!  We wish you well.


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mp3 Sermon on 1 Timothy 4:13

At North Marshall, we have one Sunday evening per month when we have a good old fashioned SINGING NIGHT. We spend more time singing, but also, on this night, the folks get a break from my preaching and get to hear some of the young men present lessons from the Bible.

On April 29th, David Carmichael did an excellent job challenging us with Paul’s statement to Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:13. You can listen to this sermon by finding the “BigDave” mp3 File in the BOX on the right side of this page. David is no novice at preaching, but does some preaching from time to time in southern Illinois and fills in for me on occasion when I am out of the country.


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New Video Series Online

I’ve just received the following note from Jody Apple…

At this moment, the last video for a brand new video series – “Christian Evidences” – is being loaded online at

This twenty-eight lesson series, just videotaped in January of 2007, consists of the following titles:

  • 1. Why Study Christian Evidences? (Part 1)
  • 2. Why Study Christian Evidences? (Part 2)
  • 3. Cosmological Argument
  • 4. Teleological Argument
  • 5. Anthropological Argument
  • 6. Ontological Argument
  • 7. Argument For Revelation
  • 8. The Biblical Claim Of Inspiration
  • 9. Harmony Between Science And Scripture
  • 10. Introduction To Archaeology
  • 11. Archaeology and Logic Prove Bible Inspiration
  • 12. Prophetic Events In The Life of Christ
  • 13. The Uniqueness Of The Church
  • 14. Fulfilled Prophecy
  • 15. The Resurrection Of Jesus Proves Inspiration
  • 16. Miracles – Did They Happen?
  • 17. Evolution Is Presented Dishonestly
  • 18. Faith In Evolution
  • 19. Evolution Has Failed
  • 20. Dating Problems And Techniques
  • 21. Radio Metric Dating Methods
  • 22. Fossils
  • 23. The World-Wide Flood
  • 24. The Ark of Noah
  • 25. Recent Creation
  • 26. Theistic Evolution
  • 27. Dinosaurs
  • 28. Why Does God Allow Pain And Suffering?

Warren Wilcox leads the study. Warren, who holds BA and MA degrees in Bible from Abilene Christian University, has served as an instructor at Bear Valley Bible Institute since 1966 and conducts seminars and teachers’ workshops all over the U.S. and Canada.

We encourage you to both use this valuable resource and spread the word about its existence online at

Thank you.


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