Power of an Open Bible

The open Bible of the Ethiopian Eunuch led to his conversion when the preacher, Philip, made contact with him and began at the same opening to preach unto him Jesus (Acts 8:35). How wonderful to see here the POWER of an open Bible! How many have been motivated likewise to obey the gospel by reading and studying this exciting incident in the history book of the church?

During our Bible-marking session last Sunday night I began the session by reading to the 17 souls participating from an article written by Neil Gallagher. This article was from the September 2, 1982 issue of the Gospel Advocate. Let me briefly summarize the article and then list the four lessons suggested by brother Gallagher that he learned from the incident he describes in the article.

It seems that brother Gallagher was on a 747 flying from D/FW to Boston. As the plane was taking off, brother Gallagher had his Bible open before him on the tray table. This open Bible was noticed by one of the flight attendants. She politely approached brother Gallagher asking if she might talk to him after they had settled into the flight. As she came back, she began her conversation with our brother by telling of her “accepting Christ” at a large and famous denominational church in Dallas. She spoke of being eager to serve Jesus.

It was obvious to brother Gallagher that she had been deceived by error and he began briefly to study with her and sought to challenge her to study the word of God more in the fashion of the Bereans of Acts 17:11. He gave her a copy of a booklet on the subject of baptism which he had written and he suggested a church and preacher in Dallas that she could contact to study further.

About three weeks after the flight brother Gallagher received a letter from this open-minded, inquisitive flight attendant. She thanked him for the time he had spent studying the Bible with her on that flight. She reported that she had studied his tract on baptism. She also had done as he had suggested and had attended the church he suggested. The good news was that she had been baptized and was now a member of that church.

Here is a lost soul—CONVERTED—because there was a Christian sitting on a plane with an open Bible. Does this suggest anything to you??? Can such an incident as this be repeated? Are you ashamed to be seen in public with an open Bible? Why?

Brother Gallagher finished the article by listing four lessons that this incident had taught him. I would suggest that these are lessons that are worthy of the consideration of each and every Christian at North Marshall! I reproduce them below in hope that there might be reenactments of that which was described in the article.


1. The God of Acts 8 is still alive and active, bringing together “Philips” who are serving and “Ethiopian officials” who are searching.

2. The efficacy of my daily prayer: God, use me today to teach, comfort, encourage, or rebuke the people YOU want to teach, comfort, encourage or rebuke.

3. The efficacy of a VISIBLE BIBLE—many times—in picnic grove or McDonald’s booth or library carrel—people have seen me reading the Bible and have come over to talk to me! Just the sight of a Bible excites interest and invites questions. People are hungry and they want the food we’ve got.

4. The beauty of biblical fellowship and the need continually to strengthen our brotherhood relations.

North Marshall Messenger, January 21, 2007

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