Nice Brochures

I am looking at a nice looking brochure entitled: “Indonesia Missions.” On the front page is the following information: Steve and Susan Waller; Missionaries to Indonesia Since 1998.

A website is listed, along with other contact information.

I just happen to have several copies of this nice brochure in my possession. If you are a member of the Lord’s church and would like to take a look at this nice brochure, please send me your contact information in the form below.

There are the following subdivisions in the brochure…

  • Who Are We?
  • Facts About Indonesia
  • Why Are We in Indonesia?
  • What Your Support Will Accomplish…
  • What Has Been Accomplished Thus Far…
  • How You May Help

Go ahead, request the brochure and see for yourself!  Your request will NOT be posted on this blog, but will come directly to me by Email.

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