Report from Mathias

Mathias and Family

In the latest report from Indonesia by brother Mathias, he informs us that his sister-in-law, Endang (who has been living with his family for about 8 months), was recently baptized into Christ. How WONDERFUL!!! She now has a job in the city and Mathias asks us to pray for her as she grows in Christ.

In the photo above are: Mathias, his wife Lidia, daughter Alma, and son Josiah. Now does that Alma know how to smile or WHAT???

Mathias is supported in his evangelistic work by the North Marshall church.

Recently rent came due on a place for this family to live. Mathias checked around to see if he could get a better deal on rent and was able to find another rental house. The Oak Level church (near Benton, KY) and the Dexter church (Dexter, KY) came alongside with us to pay Mathias’ rent for a year. He and his family are now enjoying the new house. He was also able to upgrade his computer with the funds that were wired.

Last year it was my privilege to visit this wonderful family with Steve Waller. We worshiped in their home and also had a nice fish dinner there with a little KFC on the side.

Please be thankful with me that little Alma and Josiah will live their lives with faithful Christians as their parents. Think how VERY RARE they are among all of the little children in the great nation of Indonesia!