Tracts to Adapt

Tract Rack

Today I have revived a segment of my LemmonsAid Website which has been dormant for a good while. I have eight tracts which were written by Roger Campbell. These eight tracts are in two formats. First, there is a one-column PDF for each tract for reading online. Second, for each tract there is a Word Document in either 3 or 4 columns for you to print and use in your tract racks. You can easily remove the contact information on the last page and replace it with your own.

The titles include…

  • 1.  Should Christians Follow the Law of Moses?
  • 2.  God Wants YOU to Be Saved
  • 3.  Is Jesus Christ Really the Son of God?
  • 4.  Questions About Baptism
  • 5.  What is the Church of Christ?
  • 6.  What Standard of Authority Should We Follow…?
  • 7.  What About the Use of Tobacco?
  • 8.  Why Doesn’t the Church of Christ Use Mechanical Instruments of Music?

If you use these tracts, please read the instructions on the site and honor the request there not to make any changes except that one listed.

It is possible we will have a few more of these to upload soon.