Almost every day (Mon-Sat) I will be walking at Mike Miller Park and listening to someone’s sermons. During these walks, I will generally have time to listen to two sermons. In fact, I’d like to recommend two sermons per day to keep the devil away. I have lately been listening to the MSOP Lectures of 2007 on the Corinthian letters. I really enjoyed the sermon preached by my good friend, Mike McDaniel. I have spent time in classes with Mike in time past and he has great interest in the art and science of preaching and always has something worth listening to in any sermon he preaches. Our brotherhood is blessed to have men like him preaching.

His lecture was entitled: “Laborers Together with God,” and was based upon 1 Cor 3:1-15.

Should you desire to listen to this sermon, here is how you may…

  1. Scroll to the RIGHT on this page so that you can see the BOX.net box.
  2. By scrolling down in the box, look for the file marked: Together.
  3. Click on the file.

If you prefer to download the mp3 file to your computer, place your cursor on the file and RIGHT-click; then select “download.”


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