Examples & Biblical Authority

It was my privilege some 31 years ago to attend the 8th Preacher’s Forum at Harding College in Searcy, Arkansas.  It was a day of discussing BIBLE AUTHORITY.  I enjoyed it a great deal.  I have now moved the lecture entitled “Examples and Biblical Authority,” by Thomas B. Warren from cassette tape to an mp3 file and uploaded it to the BOX.net space.  You can now listen to this outstanding discussion of how examples fit into establishing Bible Authority.

Should you desire to listen to this lecture, here is how you may…

  1. Scroll to the RIGHT on this page so that you can see the BOX.net box.
  2. By scrolling down in the box, look for the file marked: Examples.
  3. Click on the file.

If you prefer to download the mp3 file to your computer, place your cursor on the file and RIGHT-click; then select “download.”


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