New Tract to Adapt–Truth About Abortion

Roger Campbell is a great servant of the Lord and his faithful companion, Donna, has been such a help to him in all he has done. I took this photo of them about three years ago.

I came to know them while working with the Viva Drive church in Trumann, Arkansas. Roger moved the center of his foreign evangelism efforts from Taiwan to Kiev, Ukraine. The Viva Drive church, where I preached, became his sponsoring congregation during that period, having also been a supporter of his work in Taiwan. I was blessed to make one trip to Ukraine to teach and preach in February of 1995.

What an unusual man is Roger! He has the ability to speak to a vast number of this world’s population with his three languages: English, Chinese, and Russian. I was present on the day that he preached his first sermon completely in Russian, in Kiev. I was deeply impressed by the strongly favorable reaction of the assembled saints.

Roger is a great preacher, a world evangelist, a talented writer and many other good things. I have just now uploaded another of his tracts to the tracts section of my LemmonsAid website. There you can find this one entitled: “The Truth about Abortion,” both in one-column PDF to read online and in a three-column Word Document to adapt the contact information, print, and distribute.


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