Whiteboard in Yogy

I’m not sure how well you can see the words on the whiteboard in the photo above.  If you can see it, it should be obvious that the words are not in English.  Steve Waller had drawn this chart using Bahasa Indonesia (the language of Indonesia).

In late April of last year Steve and Susan Waller and my wife, Diane, and me flew from Jakarta to Yogyakarta so that Steve and I could conduct a Bible study seminar with men and women with whom our brother Landung had been studying.  We concentrated about 9 hours of teaching on the relationship between Old and New Testaments.  The chart above was very helpful in the discussion and would be quite familiar to most Bible students.  Perhaps you can use the chart to learn a word or two in Bahasa Indonesia.  🙂

The week spent in this “university town” was quite interesting, enjoyable, and challenging.  The prospects with whom we studied were not very knowledgeable at all of the Bible and we had to focus on the simplest of expressions and terms.

While here, Mt. Merapi (an active volcano), was threatening to erupt and we could see it fuming off in the distance from our hotel.  Not long after we left, there came a devastating earthquake which caused great damage and loss of life in this beautiful city.  Sadly (yet, thankfully, not sorrowing without hope, 1 Th 4:13ff), one of the  brethren with whom we met for worship on 30 April–a new convert–lost his life when a wall fell on him during the earthquake.

More photos will follow.


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