Minister’s Monthly

Some of you may remember the old publication which used the graphic above on the front page. I was first exposed to it in the library at Brown Trail during my studies there. I found these monthly publications designed for preachers to be of great assistance in many ways. I have 59 issues of the publication and have devised a way of searching the contents of the issues I have available.

I used what I consider to be one of my very MOST USEFUL pieces of software: Bible Illustrator. I have listed the author, title, sometimes the topic, and scripture, each on a separate “card,” in this program. These 59 cards can be searched within the Bible Illustrator program. Believe it or not, there are still copies of this great software program available on Ebay and I have a link to them at my BI site. This software has one of the finest and fastest search engines anywhere. CLICK HERE, and you can download the mm.sup file which contains the listing of the contents of the 59 issues of Minister’s Monthly that I own. There are detailed instructions on site to help you make use of the files.

You may wonder how this indexing would be a help to you. One way is that IF you have some copies of this publication, this index should help you know what is inside. Even if you do not, I have been known to make available portions to help out a fellow gospel preacher.

I plan to make other additions to this particular segment of my LemmonsAid website in the future and will announce additions on this blog.


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