A few weeks ago I ordered a DVD that I would like to recommend to you. You may have seen it advertised on TV. I think it could be a help to many people to encourage Bible reading. Here is a description of the DVD…

The words and images of the complete King James Version (Old and New Testaments) are brought to life with over 70 hours of dramatized narration, synchronized text and soft, inspirational music. Interactive menus allow easy access to any book or chapter. Experience all of the historical drama, as well as a unique visual tour of the Holy Land. The Bible on DVD is your personal video/audio guide through the wonders of biblical history.

It is quite easy to find any Scripture portion you like and it will automatically scroll through the passage you select. You can use it on your computer or on the TV screen.

I have no association with this company, but you can look online for further information from the company from which I ordered my copy by CLICKING HERE. Cost is $24.99.


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