Tattersall Tasmania Report

Left to Right: Diane, Kuin, Glen, Trevor, Heather, and Rachel.

In August of 2004 we had Tasmanian visitors at Palma.  Glen, Kuin, and Trevor Tattersall came by for a visit.  I had visited in their home in BEAUTIFUL Tasmania in April of 2002 during a campaign.  In that year, after four weeks of preaching/teaching in Indonesia, I flew over to Melbourne and then to Hobart and was picked up by Ian McPherson and carried, in his van, to Devonport for the first part of a three-city campaign with seven other American brethren, and one sister.  I have never seen a more beautiful place on earth than Tasmania.  Yes, I did get to see a Tasmanian devil!  I have a PPT of this 2002 trip if you would like to see it, I can Email it.

This morning I received the PDF report from Glen for May, and Kuin always writes a report of her activities as well.  You can read these interesting reports by clicking below…

Tasmania is a difficult field of work and the Tattersals are to be commended for the devoted work they do there.  We wish them the very best.


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