Such As I Am

I’ve just returned from attending a gospel meeting which began on Sunday and concluded tonight at the Maple Hill church of Christ, on Scale Road, in Marshall County. Robert R. Taylor, Jr., was the preacher in this meeting. The Maple Hill church is still preaching the old Jerusalem gospel and I always enjoy visiting there. Dan Sikes is the local preacher here. He is a friend and I am thankful for his good work. It was about dusk as I drove home and I saw a deer cross the road about 100 yards ahead of me.

Brother Taylor directed our attention to Acts 26:24-29. This is where King Agrippa tells Paul: ALMOST THOU PERSUADEST ME TO BE A CHRISTIAN. Brother Taylor constructed a very interesting and important sermon based primarily upon verse 29, where Paul told Agrippa: I WOULD TO GOD THAT NOT ONLY THOU, BUT ALSO ALL THAT HEAR ME THIS DAY, WERE BOTH ALMOST, AND ALTOGETHER SUCH AS I AM, EXCEPT THESE BONDS. The idea is that what Paul told Agrippa is what he would tell you and me. Brother Taylor pointed out Six Ways Paul Was a Christian…

  1. In NAME.
  2. In Fact.
  3. On Location (everywhere).
  4. In Suffering (2 Cor 11:24-28).
  5. In Zeal.

The sermons brother Taylor preached were taped by one of the elders, Jimmie Phelps. I am sure they would be happy to provide you a copy if you would care to inquire of them.

Maple Hill Church of Christ
3960 Scale Road

Benton, Kentucky 42025-7803


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