The photo above is reduced to fit on the page, but it represents the copy of the Teacher’s Annual Lesson Commentary (TALC), which is oldest among my collection of 22 such volumes. This is the 1934 issue which is actually the 13th issue (going all the way back to the beginning of Elam’s Notes). John T. Hinds is the author/editor of this particular volume.

I love these TALCS! There are always 52 Bible Study lessons in each volume–one for each Lord’s Day of the year. A particular Bible text or Bible Topic is studied and in most of them, there is also a “Golden Text,” which is also studied or commented upon by the writer.

I have heard some, even of my own brethren, make disparaging remarks about these simple volumes, but such remarks have never caused me to love them any less. It would thrill my soul to have a complete collection of them. If you have any setting around you’d like to get rid of, I would be happy to give them a GOOD HOME. Please send them to me.

Since the actual writer does not put his name in the preface, for a long time, I did not know the authors. However, I found an early 80s issue of Gospel Advocate which listed the writers from 1922 through 1980. For your information, they are listed here…

1922-1929… E.A. Elam
1930-1931… H. Leo Boles
1932-1936… John T. Hinds
1937-1944… R.L. Whiteside
1945… H. Leo Boles
1946… Guy N. Woods
1947-1957… Roy H. Lanier, Sr.
1958-1972… Leslie G. Thomas
1973… Thomas B. Warren
1974… J.C. Choate
1975-1979… Rex Turner
1980… Cecil N. Wright

From the 22 issues of this annual volume that I possess, I have constructed an index. The index includes such information as (i.e., when available): (1) Consecutive Number of the issue; (2) Author; (3) Titles of the Lessons for the 52 weeks; (4) Passages dealt with in the lessons; (5) Golden Texts. This information has been reduced to a single file which I have now uploaded to my website. If you would like to take a look at the index, you can find an HTML copy H-E-R-E; or you can find a PDF copy H-E-R-E. These files can be searched then by using the Control + F keys.

I am confident that this index can serve as another helpful database of information to those who have copies of these volumes. I am sure there are many preachers out there who have some of these volumes and a Scripture index might prove to be very helpful when doing work on a sermon or manuscript some time.

I would like to build a complete index of all issues. If you would like to join in the project, please send your information and we will put it together. I begin with 22 volumes, but hope to expand it from time to time.

David Lemmons

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