The Christian Reader

Some fine young preachers have come together to present to interested students of the Bible some well reasoned and helpful Bible study materials. These come forth monthly, I believe. They are available online. I’ve judged it well worthy of my own time to read and encourage you likewise to do so. I am listing below the two issues that I know of online.  First, there is the May 2007 issue (a PDF file) which is centered on The Miraculous Age. Please click H-E-R-E.

  • The Purpose of Miracles, by Roger Scully
  • Impartation & Reception of Miraculous Gifts, by Adam Comeaux
  • Speaking in Tongues, by Cade Somers
  • Miracles Have Ceased, by Jacob Campbell

Then, we have the June 2007 issue, which is a part one of a two-part series on Marriage, Divorce, & Remarriage. Please click H-E-R-E.

  • Marriage, by Roger Scully
  • The Institution of Marriage, by Cade Somers
  • Permanence of Marriage, by Adam Comeaux
  • Fidelity in Marriage, by Jacob Cambpell

These brethren have done some excellent writing here and we are thankful for their love of the truth and their careful study of God’s Word.

–David Lemmons

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