On this page you can find a listing of feeds from Drew Kizer under the heading of Truth and Repose. He is the son of one of my former instructors at Brown Trail. Personally, I read his blog each time a new post is presented. He is a good thinker and writer. I would like to recommend that you visit his blog to read: The Downside of Pluralism. It is an excellent article and presents to us a good discussion of a grave and frightening reality of the times in which we live.

Back in 1982 when brother Thomas B. Warren came out with his book, Logic and the Bible, he wrote in the preface…

The time is long past when followers of Jesus Christ should have taken seriously the great threat to the spread of Christianity which is posed by the growth of skepticism in general and atheism and agnosticism in particular.

Drew’s article describes PLURALISM, which is surely as big a threat to us today as the -ISMs of which brother Warren was so deeply concerned. The three suggestions Drew gives for “finding the clarity necessary for doing the hard work of critical thinking” are excellent suggestions. All of us need carefully to consider them.

–David Lemmons

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