Teacher’s Annual Lesson Commentary #3

We have been working with a couple of other brethren (Dave Dugan and Larry Cole) to provide a free online index of the TEACHER’S ANNUAL LESSON COMMENTARY and its predecessor, ELAM’S NOTES.  To this point we have 36 of the volumes indexed.  We have now made a new page for the documents.  Because of the size of the data, we have separated them out into decades from the 1920’s to the 2000’s.  Thus, one can open up a decade of indexes or an individual file.  By making use of the search engine within the PDF files (Control + F) one can find what page number on which to find a certain Bible passage or topic dealt with in these helpful books.  Where available, we have included author’s name and even “Golden Text,” passages.  We hope this index will be helpful to preachers and other Bible students.  To reach the listing of the files, please click H-E-R-E.

–David Lemmons

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