BIG Picture

“BIG Picture” Questions

  • With Kentucky being one of the nation’s poorest states, do the casino pushers really think Kentucky families can afford to lose $1.429 billion each year so the state can get $500 million (35% of the $1.429 billion)?
  • If state government really needs to raise revenue, why would it ask a notoriously unscrupulous industry to raise it?
  • And worse, why would it allow that industry to keep 65% of the “revenue raised” (the money lost by citizens)? The state already has a tax system that, if legislatively directed to raise taxes, would allow the state to keep 100% of the revenue raised (Then citizens would only be out $500 million, not $1.429 billion).
  • If Kentucky families lose $1.429 billion dollars every year in order to generate $500 million for the state’s programs, how is the state going to assist all the people who lost the $1.429 billion when it received only $500 million? And, in particular when that $500 million is already promised to one program or another?
  • Given Kentucky’s current strengths and weaknesses, if 1000 consultants were brought to our state so each could offer his/her best suggestion for a new plan to move us forward, would ANY of them say: “Kentucky needs a casino ‘entertainment system’ that will have its citizens losing $1.429 billion each year”?
  • If the role of government is to create an environment where its citizens can prosper, why is the government getting involved in promoting a gambling system that will encourage its citizens to lose their wealth? And then rely on government for even more assistance?)

–Source: The Kentucky Citizen, Fall/Winter 2007.

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