Gospel Meetings

Source: Gospel Advocate, 1/19/1984


by Sarah Hudson Pierce

Forty-five years ago someone said to a friend, “There’s a meeting going on; why don’t you go?”  Because he said that to her, she went–and she became a Christian.

After becoming a Christian, she soon converted her husband.  She was married to him 40 years, and after he died she married another man, she also converted.

Not long after becoming a Christian, she converted her mother and one brother.

She had one son.  She was a Christian mother, so she raised him up to want to be a Christian.  Her son had a friend who didn’t have a Christian home and desperately needed one and wanted one.  He looked to his friend’s mother as his own mother.  He was led to become a Christian also.  He married a Christian girl and they had two children and later adopted a third. All three are Christians and one is studying to be a minister.

The lady’s son was attracted to a girl, and both the girl and her mother were drawn to the church and both became Christians.  The girl had an older sister who wasn’t a Christian.  The older sister saw the lives of her sister’s family and later she and her husband became Christians.

After the son who was attracted to the girl got married, they had three children.  One son was born afflicted, but found a very special spot in the family and was sorely missed when he was called home 20 years later.  The sisters who were left became Christians.

These two sisters have married husbands who have become Christians.  Does the chain of influence stop here?  I would have to answer, “No!”  The chain of influence, whether for good or evil, never stops.

It was all because one friend, Lorene Ashford Atzenhoffer, listened and her heart was moved to obey the gospel that this chain of events started.  It started when one man said, “There’s a meeting going on; why don’t you go?”  Only eternity will tell how many lives were touched.

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