Waterproof Rice

The photo above I snapped on a Lord’s Day in Yogyakarta on the island of Java in INDONESIA in 2005. We were returning from worship with brethren and stopped the car to be able to observe and photograph this ancient life-giving practice of planting rice.

Many do not realize the great importance of rice in the diet of Asians.

As I walked in Mike Miller Park this morning, I was listening to NPR and heard a report about “Waterproof Rice,” which was very interesting to me. Of course, rice NEEDS water to grow, but there is also a point at which rice can get TOO MUCH water–as in flooding. Rice plants can drown if completely submerged in water, just as any plant can.

Scientists have developed now a variety of rice which can, supposedly, stay under water for nearly two weeks and “hold its breath” during that time. This will have tremendous implications for Asian rice production. With the monsoons and other flooding so frequent in many places over there, such a type of rice will save many lives.

You can read a full version of the story and even listen to the report by clicking H-E-R-E. I do not buy into the GLOBAL WARMING explanation given in the report, but it is very exciting news, especially for our Asian friends!

–David Lemmons

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