TALC Update 071025

74% Completed

With the hard word of Dave Dugan and Larry Cole we now have a searchable index of 74% of the annual lesson commentaries available online.  Many of my preaching brethren among churches of Christ have some of these volumes in their libraries.  I know that there was once printed an index of some of these volumes, however, this one is searchable online.  This should be a great advantage.  We have it available online in such a way that you can search the PDF files:

  • One year at a time
  • One decade at a time
  • All of the years which we have indexed (64 years at this time)

You can download the files or use them online.  Find the files by clicking H-E-R-E.

If you have one of the 22 volumes which have not been indexed, perhaps you would like to index it yourself, send it to me, and we will add it in with the others.

—-David Lemmons

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