Still Searching…

On the fourth of November, I was privileged to visit a church in south central Missouri. The meetinghouse of the congregation is located out in the country. I enjoyed teaching Bible Class and preaching at the morning worship hour. My wife and I received a warm welcome here and felt right at home with the brethren. A fine young man named Jacob, read the Scripture. We enjoyed good singing and communed together around the Lord’s Table. Prayers were sent to the Father in heaven on behalf of the assembly. I was blessed to have my sister, Sue, and her husband, Othel in the assembly. They live only a few miles away. After the worship assembly, it was my privilege to meet with the three fine elders of this congregation and ask them some questions and answer some questions that they posed. This meeting lasted a little more than an hour. This congregation was having to search for a preacher because of a terrible automobile accident which had severely injured their preacher. I certainly pray for the continuing recovery of this brother and that the church will have good success in selecting the right man to fill their pulpit. Perhaps it will be me, perhaps not.

On 11 November, I traveled 500 miles one way to central Georgia to preach for a fine group of Christians. My wife was unable to make this trip with me. However, I was able to teach the Bible Class on Sunday morning; preach the sermon for the morning worship hour; participate in a Monthly Singing in the afternoon; and preach at the evening service. It was a joy to be with these brethren. These brethren were recommended to me by Jerry Martin of MSOP. The tragedy that has hit this congregation is that their preacher recently lost a battle with cancer. We certainly pray for his widow, who still lives in the community and worships here. Likewise, we pray for them as they seek to fill their pulpit. Perhaps it will be me whom the Lord will bless to preach here.

On 18 November, it will be my privilege to visit with brethren in northern Alabama. I look forward to teaching a Bible Class and preaching at both services. There are four elders overseeing this good church. Gus Nichols had a part in establishing this congregation. My friend, Todd Clippard, put in a good word for me with these elders.

Thus, I continue to search for brethren with whom I may align myself for the most important work to be done on earth–the saving of lost souls. It is my strong belief that I am at a point right now when I should be able to do my greatest work ever in the kingdom. I have 12 1/2 years of post-secondary education. I have 25 years of preaching experience. Out of these life experiences have come many good things which I believe I can use in an excellent way to serve the Lord effectively. I humbly pray that the Lord will bless me to find just the right group of brethren with whom to work for Him.

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