Clean Your Sponges

How to Clean a Sponge…

Since one of the three methods in this article makes use of LEMON JUICE, where better to place a link to the above-titled article than here?  In addition to the three methods, information is given as to WHY you should clean your sponge.  Read the useful information by clicking H-E-R-E.

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One of our fine ladies at Bellevue Road, Christy Blue, constructed this nice bulletinboard for the foyer of our church building. It surely asks a GREAT QUESTION does it not?

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DRL Note:  “Hard Copy” or “Digital,” I receive many excellent and helpful Bible study articles that are worth reading.  I have just added a folder to my website into which I plan to upload PDF copies of articles I receive by Email or in some way from the internet.  These will definitely be DIGITAL ARTICLES WORTH READING!   I hope you  will benefit from this folder as I notify you by means of this BLOG.

How Many Future Resurrections from the Dead Will There Be?

by Roger D. Campbell

To read this excellent article from a PDF please go H-E-R-E.

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