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Genesis Chapter FIVE…

David Lemmons

This chapter provides a record of the descendants of Adam. One of the remarkable things to observe in this record is their ages at death. They lived exceptionally long lives. We are introduced here to Enoch, who “walked with God,” and who is also mentioned in Luke’s account of the genealogy of Christ and also in Hebrews and Jude. Enoch is one of only two men in the Bible of whom it is said he “walked with God.” The other is found in Genesis 6:9. Verse 24 is a startling revelation. Enoch was exempted by God from the statement of Hebrews 9:27, in that GOD TOOK HIM—he did not die. This chapter tells us about the man who lived longer on earth than any other man, Methuselah (v. 27). Noah and his sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth are also in the listing (v. 32).

For a PDF file suitable to use as a handout for an Adult Bible Class on Genesis 5, please click H-E-R-E.

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Look Up Scripture On Web Pages

Scripture References Lookup Bookmarklet…

from Mark Copeland

Our non-institutional brother, Mark Copeland, last year (12/6/07) blogged about a pretty neat tool for Bible study while surfing the internet.  On his post he links to a place where you can add to your bookmarks a link which makes it possible quickly to look up Scripture on any web page where there is a scripture reference listed.  In advance, however, let me inform you that the version used is the ESV, English Standard Version.  For a review of this version from brother Wayne Jackson, go H-E-R-E.  I have had this tool on my browser for nearly 3 months now and have found it quite helpful on many occasions.  Not only can you click on the Bible reference and read the text, you can also LISTEN to the same.  If you would like to see the tool and investigate, go H-E-R-E.

SS Indexing

The Spiritual Sword
January 2008, Volume 39; Number 2.

DRL Note:  As if I do not have enough to do, I have determined to add a NEW CATEGORY to this blog.  I think it will be a service to me in that it will be helpful to me in my Bible study efforts, so I am hopeful that it will likewise be helpful to others.  One of the most widely circulated publications among churches of Christ is The Spiritual Sword.  The church where I preach provides copies to our members.  It has a long and storied history and has done untold or uncounted great service to our brethren.  Since it is in the form of a QUARTERLY and is a bound-together-volume (attractively done), many of my brethren do not throw away these issues after reading them, but keep them around for years.  However, it might be quite a challenge to remember what was dealt with in these quarterlies after having read them.  I might remember that a certain topic/text was dealt with in a certain year, but still I could use some help finding the article.  We would like to make it possible to: Use the SEARCH engine on this BLOG.  With this issue, and perhaps even going back a few, I plan to place an index of the articles, issue by issue.  No one has asked me to do this and if they ask me NOT to do it, I will cease and desist, but till then, I will proceed.

My plan will be to list the articles, authors, and page numbers.  Page numbers will be the first numbers to the left in the listing.  I also will list Bible texts when an article deals with only one, and the highlighted main points.  If you don’t have the issue I am indexing, The Spiritual Sword website can be reached H-E-R-E.  Well, you can look below to see what it will be like…

01.  “Give Us a King,” Alan E. Highers, (1 Samuel 8:5, 19-22).  God has Set Us Apart; The Desire for Conformity; The Allurement of the World; Take Heed Not to Drift Away.

05.  “Shall We Be a Denomination?,” Hugh Fulford.  The Church of the New Testament was Undenominational; Is Undenominational Christianity Possible in the Present Age?; A Move to Make the Church a Denomination; Shall the Church Be a Denomination?

08.  “Should Our Worship Copy Others?,” Gary McDade (1 Samuel 8:5-7, 19-22).  The Argument; The Deception.

12.  “The Danger of Modern Philosophy,” William Woodson.  Postmodernism,; Deconstruction; Evaluations.

17.  “The Poison of Higher Criticism,” Phil Sanders. 

22.  “Love Not the World,” David Sain.  What Does the Bible Teach?; What is Worldliness?; The Lure of the World; Conformity or Non-Conformity; Growing in Non-Conformity; Exhortation.

26.  “The Temptation to ‘Go Along’,” Ancil Jenkins.  The Cost of Non-Conformity; Areas of Temptation; The Temptation to Compromise Our Faith; The Temptation to Approve.

29.  “Recorded Lessons Available,” Alan E. Highers.

30.  “What Does it Mean to Be Distinctive?,” David R. Pharr.  Many Wrong Answers-One Truth; Similarity is Not Identity; Revelation from God; What it Means to Be Distinctive.

34.  “The Times of Ignorance,” E. Claude Gardner (Acts 17:30).  Why did God Overlook?; Time of Ignorance of Christ; Times of Ignorance Today; Ways to Combat Bible Ignorance; Preach Christ and the Word.

39.  “Rejection of God,” Alan E. Highers (1 Samuel 12:12).  The Importance of Obedience; God’s Way is Best; Submission to the Divine Will.

42.  “What Are You Reading?,” Alan E. Highers.

43.  “From the Woodland,” Alan E. Highers.  Visit to Wittenberg; The Pride in Ignorance; Polishing the Pulpit; Availability of Recordings.  Brother Highers provides some most interesting information about those who influenced his life in his earlier days in this piece.

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