Look Up Scripture On Web Pages

Scripture References Lookup Bookmarklet…

from Mark Copeland

Our non-institutional brother, Mark Copeland, last year (12/6/07) blogged about a pretty neat tool for Bible study while surfing the internet.  On his post he links to a place where you can add to your bookmarks a link which makes it possible quickly to look up Scripture on any web page where there is a scripture reference listed.  In advance, however, let me inform you that the version used is the ESV, English Standard Version.  For a review of this version from brother Wayne Jackson, go H-E-R-E.  I have had this tool on my browser for nearly 3 months now and have found it quite helpful on many occasions.  Not only can you click on the Bible reference and read the text, you can also LISTEN to the same.  If you would like to see the tool and investigate, go H-E-R-E.