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The Spiritual Sword
January 2008, Volume 39; Number 2.

DRL Note:  As if I do not have enough to do, I have determined to add a NEW CATEGORY to this blog.  I think it will be a service to me in that it will be helpful to me in my Bible study efforts, so I am hopeful that it will likewise be helpful to others.  One of the most widely circulated publications among churches of Christ is The Spiritual Sword.  The church where I preach provides copies to our members.  It has a long and storied history and has done untold or uncounted great service to our brethren.  Since it is in the form of a QUARTERLY and is a bound-together-volume (attractively done), many of my brethren do not throw away these issues after reading them, but keep them around for years.  However, it might be quite a challenge to remember what was dealt with in these quarterlies after having read them.  I might remember that a certain topic/text was dealt with in a certain year, but still I could use some help finding the article.  We would like to make it possible to: Use the SEARCH engine on this BLOG.  With this issue, and perhaps even going back a few, I plan to place an index of the articles, issue by issue.  No one has asked me to do this and if they ask me NOT to do it, I will cease and desist, but till then, I will proceed.

My plan will be to list the articles, authors, and page numbers.  Page numbers will be the first numbers to the left in the listing.  I also will list Bible texts when an article deals with only one, and the highlighted main points.  If you don’t have the issue I am indexing, The Spiritual Sword website can be reached H-E-R-E.  Well, you can look below to see what it will be like…

01.  “Give Us a King,” Alan E. Highers, (1 Samuel 8:5, 19-22).  God has Set Us Apart; The Desire for Conformity; The Allurement of the World; Take Heed Not to Drift Away.

05.  “Shall We Be a Denomination?,” Hugh Fulford.  The Church of the New Testament was Undenominational; Is Undenominational Christianity Possible in the Present Age?; A Move to Make the Church a Denomination; Shall the Church Be a Denomination?

08.  “Should Our Worship Copy Others?,” Gary McDade (1 Samuel 8:5-7, 19-22).  The Argument; The Deception.

12.  “The Danger of Modern Philosophy,” William Woodson.  Postmodernism,; Deconstruction; Evaluations.

17.  “The Poison of Higher Criticism,” Phil Sanders. 

22.  “Love Not the World,” David Sain.  What Does the Bible Teach?; What is Worldliness?; The Lure of the World; Conformity or Non-Conformity; Growing in Non-Conformity; Exhortation.

26.  “The Temptation to ‘Go Along’,” Ancil Jenkins.  The Cost of Non-Conformity; Areas of Temptation; The Temptation to Compromise Our Faith; The Temptation to Approve.

29.  “Recorded Lessons Available,” Alan E. Highers.

30.  “What Does it Mean to Be Distinctive?,” David R. Pharr.  Many Wrong Answers-One Truth; Similarity is Not Identity; Revelation from God; What it Means to Be Distinctive.

34.  “The Times of Ignorance,” E. Claude Gardner (Acts 17:30).  Why did God Overlook?; Time of Ignorance of Christ; Times of Ignorance Today; Ways to Combat Bible Ignorance; Preach Christ and the Word.

39.  “Rejection of God,” Alan E. Highers (1 Samuel 12:12).  The Importance of Obedience; God’s Way is Best; Submission to the Divine Will.

42.  “What Are You Reading?,” Alan E. Highers.

43.  “From the Woodland,” Alan E. Highers.  Visit to Wittenberg; The Pride in Ignorance; Polishing the Pulpit; Availability of Recordings.  Brother Highers provides some most interesting information about those who influenced his life in his earlier days in this piece.

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