Question on Acts 2:42; 20:7

Common Meal?

DRL Note: From an old Email list a question was answered involving Acts 2:42 and 20:7 regarding whether the meal mentioned was the Lord’s Supper or a common meal.   Here is that answer from Joe Slater…

Both Acts 2:42 and 20:7 are in the context of an assembly.  Interestingly, both references are followed by “breaking bread” in the context of an ordinary meal (2:46) “breaking bread from house to house” [or ‘at home’]; and 20:11 where Paul, after raising Eutychus, came back up to the upper room and broke bread.

Also in Acts 2:42 the definite articles appear: “the” breaking of “the” bread (contrast to “breaking bread” in v. 46).  I understand the definite articles to indicate that this was not just an ordinary “breaking bread” (eating a common meal), but a particular act of breaking a particular bread (observing the Lord’s Supper).

The definite article is also present in Acts 20:7 (“the” bread) in the Textus Receptus (the Nestle-Aland/United Bible Societies text omits the article).  Acts 20:11 does not have the definite article.

Hope this helps.

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Acts Chapter ONE…

David Lemmons

In this text we find Luke’s introduction to Acts, which he connects with his account of the life of Christ he had written. He is sure to mention the infallible proofs of the resurrection of Jesus. He talks about an assembly with Jesus just prior to the ascension. He tells them when the POWER would come, not answering (directly) their uninformed question about restoring the kingdom. Jesus gives an outline in verse eight of how the kingdom would be spread. The betrayal of Judas and his subsequent suicide necessitated there being a replacement for Judas, according to the Scriptures. The successor of Judas would have to be someone who had been with them from the beginning even to the ascension of Jesus. Two men met those qualifications and a selection was done by lot, that the Lord might make the choice (v. 24). The lot fell on Mathias and he was numbered with the eleven.


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