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Acts Chapter FIVE…

David Lemmons

This chapter continues giving to us the history of the growth and development of the church.  The church as presented to man is PERFECT; however, those who make up the church are imperfect.  In Ananias and Sapphira we find the imperfection of the ones who make up the church.  Their lie to God and the Holy Spirit was a very serious matter and was dealt with swiftly.  The result was a good one-“great fear came upon all the church.” The apostles continued to use signs and wonders to confirm their words and believers were added (v.  14).  The High Priest reacted by putting into prison the apostles.  They were not swerved from their duty to carry out the Great Commission, but rather rejoiced that they were allowed to suffer for Christ.  They made it plain to the authorities that whenever they gave a command that violated God’s will, they intended to obey God.  Verse 42 is a tremendous indicator of the spirit of these members of the early church!


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