Focus Press publishes think magazine, which majors in “current issues from a distinctly Christian view.” It is a slick and attractively done work with content which every Christian ought to read. In fact, it is difficult to put down until you have read every word. In the March 2008 issue, the focus is upon relationships. I’ve been subscribed since the beginning and have not been disappointed with a single issue. If you’d like to subscribe, visit their website by clicking H-E-R-E. The content for this latest issue includes…

  1. Page 4, “From the Editors,” Brad Harrub and Jim Palmer, an introduction to the theme of the issue: Relationships.
  2. Page 6, “Mailbag,” response from readers.
  3. Page 7, “Consternations over Contributions,” by Jimmy Davy.
  4. Page 8, “In God We Trust (or Do We?),” by Jim Palmer.
  5. Page 10, “Pretty on the Inside,” by Brad Harrub.
  6. Page 11, “In the News.”
  7. Page 12, “Married for Life,” by Phil Sanders.
  8. Page 14, “For Better or for Worse,” by Jason R. Roberts. What Job’s wife teaches us about adversity in the home. An excellent study.
  9. Page 17, “Even During those BLAH Days,” by Brad Harrub.
  10. Page 19, “But God Wants Me to Be Happy,” by Glenn Colley.
  11. Page 20, “One Key, Two Doors, Four Pillars of Good Relationships,” by Jim Palmer.
  12. Page 22, “A Special Interview with Dave Pelzer,” by the editors. Dave Pelzer was tremendously abused as a child and lived to write three NYT bestsellers and be commended by Presidents.
  13. Page 24, “Biblical Confrontation,” by Bill Watkins. A case study from Nehemiah 5:6-13. Seven keys to biblical confrontation.
  14. Page 26, “Adultery,” by Cindy Colley.
  15. Page 28, “Adopted—A Very Special Word,” by Adam Faughn.
  16. Page 30, “3 Essentials in Developing a Healthy Relationship with our Children,” by Kevin Daughrity.
  17. Page 34, “Heat of the Moment,” by Joe Wells.
  18. Page 35, “So it Begins,” by Bubba Ingram.
  19. Page 36, “Worth the Wait: The Dead Sea Scrolls,” by Dewayne Bryant.
  20. Page 38, “The Greatest Love Son Ever Composed,” by Rob L. Whitacre. Song of Solomon.

I think you will find it is worth reading!