Taj Foot

DRL Note: As I was unpacking some boxes from my recent move, I came across a photo and some notes of my trip to India in 1986. I thought I might share some of that here…

I have made two trips to preach the gospel in the great nation of India (1986, 1994). These trips were made at the invitation of my friend and fellow Brown Trail alum, Royce Frederick.

On my very first internatioinal trip, the port of entry was CALCUTTA. How’s that for getting introduced to the vast differences between Bernie, Missouri (where I lived at the time) and the intensely populated nation of India? On that first trip I was able to look up and work with two native Indian preachers who had been receiving financial support from the Bernie church (where I preached) for quite some time. It was a wonderful experience!

Among many other places, Royce and I were also blessed to be able to visit and teach in the capital city of Delhi. We were graciously allowed to use the facilities at E-10-B (I forget the street), where J.C. & Betty Choate reside when they are in India. I am saddened at the recent death of brother J.C. We made contact with some of the subscribers to Royce’s paper, International Gospel Teacher. We invited them to meet with us for assemblies to study the Bible together.

While in Delhi, it being so close to one of the great wonders of the world, I took a day off (20 February 1986) to visit the Taj Mahal. Royce had already seen the Taj Mahal, having visited India many times before, so I went alone. I booked a bus tour. The trip to Agra took about four hours. We crossed two state borders. I had a very comfortable front seat all to myself. We stopped at Secundera, then spent about an hour at the beautiful Taj Mahal. We ate a very nice buffet luncheon at the Taj Restaurant nearby. Of course, we were taken to a government-run marble works factory and store to spend some rupees. It was on this tour that I also saw the Red Fort–A stunning sight!

As we returned to Delhi, about halfway back, we stopped for tea. It was about dusk when we stopped, and as I was leaving to get back to the bus, I missed a step in the darkness and severely injured my left ankle. The photo above was taken the next day.

What a blessing it was, though, to work with brother Royce Frederick and other brethren and to spend a total of 14 weeks in two trips to beautiful India. The people of India are wonderful and it really is a gospel preacher’s dream. They will listen attentively and keep you preaching from sunrise to sunset.