Truth about Origins

1 Peter 3:15 urges Christians to be ready always to give an answer. The basic idea of the word ANSWER is a DEFENSE. We need to be able to defend the things we believe. The field is Apologetics. We are blessed in the Lord’s church with men who have spent much effort in learning Apologetics. One of these fine men is Brad Harrub. Today I found a series of sermons online by Brad Harrub. If you go here you can listen to the series which is to be found on the site of the Jacksonville (AL) church of Christ, where my friend, Allen Webster labors. Surely one of the topics below would be of interest to you.

  • The Scientific Accuracy of the Bible
  • The Age of the Earth
  • Atheism’s Attack on America
  • Creation versus Evolution: Was Darwin Wrong?
  • The Value of Human Life
  • Questions and Answers

To listen online, click H-E-R-E.