Global Catastrophe

think Magazine, Volume 3, #4, April 2008

One of the finest things that comes to my mailbox each month is think Magazine. It is published by Focus Press, which you can check out by clicking H-E-R-E. I am posting here the contents of this issue, primarily for my own use, as I may now SEARCH this site when looking for some topic and come across a HIT among the words below which might help me in dealing with some particular topic or passage. I can then find it in the issues on my shelves. You might wish to do the same thing some time, so perhaps it will be a help to you, as well.

Page 04… “From the Editors,” Brad Harrub and Jim Palmer on the theme of this issue: “Global Catastrophe–Dispelling Geologic Myths.”

Page 05… New Teen Magazine to Launch this Summer: IGNITE.

Page 06… Mailbag.

Page 07… ON THE LIGHTER SIDE. “Stepping into the Aisle,” by Jimmy Davy.

Page 08… “Lovers of Money,” by Jim Palmer.

Page 11… IN THE NEWS.

Page 12… “What Darwin Did Not Know,” by Phil Sanders. A significant quote: “At the end of the day, it takes far more faith to believe in Darwin’s self-described ignorance and conjecture than to believe in God’s omniscient and intelligent design.”

Page 14… DAILY WALK. “It’s Not About Me,” by Johnie D. Fredman.

Page 15… “Time with Frogs,” by Adam Faughn. An interesting and instructive 5-Point Acrostic.

Page 16… “The Ice Age and Wooly Mammoths,” by Wayne Jackson. Notable Quote: “Thus, the Christian need not deny that there was an historical period during which ice was extensive on our planet; he must simply recognize that the evolutionary view of such is seriously flawed and vigorously disputed.”

Page 17… A SPECIAL INTERVIEW: Michael Oard. Mike Oard retired from the National Weather Service as a meteorologist and has written extensively on the Ice Age.

Page 20… “Throw Another Log on the Fire … It’s Going to Be a Cold One,” by Brad Harrub.

Page 22… “Mount St. Helen’s Eruption: Its Effect on the Philosophy of Uniformitarian Geology,” by Jon Gary Williams.

Page 24… “Dispelling Geologic Myths–Modern Event Corroborates the Genesis Flood,” by Kyle Crews.

Page 27… “God Knows,” by Eddie Parrish.

Page 28… “View from a Hearse,” by Jason R. Roberts. Notable Quote: “Death has a way of opening up a clear window of wisdom for us.”

Page 31… “That’s Not Fair,” by Brad Harrub. Here’s what I intend on teaching my children about fairness.

Page 32… A WOMAN’S PERSPECTIVE. “New Every Morning,” by Cindy Palmer.

Page 33… TRAIN AND NURTURE. “Deliberate Parenting,” by Melinda Harrub.

Page 34… TEEN THINK. “In My Textbook?,” by Joe Wells.

Page 35… MAN TO MAN. “Meaning of Life,” by Bubba Ingram.

Page 36… LIGHT FROM THE PAST. “Who are You?,” by Dewayne Bryant.

Page 38… “When Profession Becomes Practice,” by Mike Hixson.