There are many wonderful Bible study aids to be found on the THEBIBLE.NET website. I have been helped by many things to be found on that site. Just now I found a useful tool for reading through the Bible. It is a chronological listing of passages to read daily. The author is Skip Andrews and he writes: “Read the Bible in one year in the order that the Bible events actually occurred.” Also, from the Preface, this note is found: “This Chronological Bible Reading Schedule has been developing since 1990. The fourth revision of it is now finished and offered with the hope that many people will desire to ‘give attention to reading’ the Bible every day (1 Timothy 4:13).” Brother Andrews has not only listed the passages, but also included for our consideration historical, topical, doctrinal, and practical notes. This document is an 80-page PDF file. You may read it online or download it by clicking H-E-R-E. It seems to me to be a valuable tool, though I have not completely read through the document.