think TOC, June 2008

think Magazine, Volume 3, #6, June 2008

One of the finest things that comes to my mailbox each month is think Magazine. It is published by Focus Press, which you can check out by clicking H-E-R-E. I am posting here the contents of this issue, primarily for my own use, as I may now SEARCH this site when looking for some topic and come across a HIT among the words below which might help me in dealing with some particular topic or passage. I can then find it among the issues of the magazine on my shelves. You might wish to do the same thing some time, so perhaps it will be a help to you, as well.

  • Page 4… FROM THE EDITORS, by Brad Harrub and Jim Palmer. Quote: “In this month’s issue we are addressing the Bible’s place of inspiration and prominence above other writings and religious beliefs. We examine both the writings and the religions of those who teach and preach “other gospels” or other ways for obtaining eternal life and peace. We examine the New Age religion professed by Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle. We’ll notice the rational reasons why Christianity–expressed in its simplicity in the New Testament–is the soul-enriching, life-changing, God-approaching religion for which so many are searching.”
  • Page 5… Notice of new teen magizine, Ignite, and of the availability of PDF files of 2006 and 2007 think magazine. Check it out H-E-R-E.
  • Page 7… ON THE LIGHTER SIDE, “Hospital Visits,” by Jimmy Davy.
  • Page 8… FAITH AND FINANCE, “The Blessing of Money,” A look at some wealthy men and women of God, by Jim Palmer.
  • Page 12… LIFE IN AMERICA, “Those Other Books in the Bible,” by Phil Sanders. RE: The Apocrypha.
  • Page 14… DAILY WALK, “When Pattern Becomes Habit,” by Jim Palmer.
  • Page 15… IN THEIR OWN WORDS, “My Brother and Sister are My Best Friends,” by Seth, age 13.
  • Page 17… “A Most Imperfect Book,” by Dewayne Bryant. RE: The Book of Mormon.
  • Page 18… “The New World Translation and the Authority of God,” by David Morris. Quote: “Jehovah’s Witnesses do not believe that Jesus is truly God, but was instead a created being. Therefore, in several passages where Christ is referred to as ‘God,’ the text has been altered in the NWT.” John 1:1; 8:58; 18:6; Colossians 1:16-17; Titus 2:13; 2 Peter 1:1.
  • Page 20… “Of New Oracles and New Earth, Oprah Winfrey’s attempt to blend New Age religion with Christianity,” by Brad Harrub. A portion of a new booklet published by Focus Press.
  • Page 24… “Is the KORAN on Par with the Bible?,” by David W. Hester.
  • Page 26… “Christ and the Faith of the East,” by Phillip A. Grey. RE: The Dalai Lama; Hinduism; Buddhism.
  • Page 28… “ISLAM: 600 Years Too Late,” by Burt Jones.
  • Page 29… “Is the Bible Really Inspired of God?,” by Wayne Jackson.
  • Page 30… “Jesus: What Image Does that Name Bring to Mind?,” by David Morris.
  • Page 32… LIGHT FROM THE PAST, “Keeping Women in Their Place,” by Dewayne Bryant. RE: Sharia Law.
  • Page 34… TEEN THINK, “Respect versus Acceptance,” by Joe Wells. Quote: “Although, in the public school system, one religion is viewed as just as good as the next, the Bible simply does not teach that all roads lead to eternal life.”
  • Page 35… HEART OF THE MATTER, “Yes, We Get to…,” by Brad Harrub.
  • Page 36… “Crossing the Bar,” by Eddie Parrish.
  • Page 38… A WOMAN’S PERSPECTIVE, “Taking Off Our Mask,” by Cindy Palmer.