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October 1969

Volume 1, #1

THEME: “The Gospel Versus Liberalism.”

  • 01… EDITORIAL, “Our Aim,” by Thomas B. Warren.
  • 04… “Present-Day Religious Terminology,” by Cecil N. Wright. Orthodoxy, Conservatism, Fundamentalism, Liberalism, Modernism, Radicalism, Neo-Orthodoxy.
  • 06… “We Can Know the Truth,” by James D. Bales, Can we know the truth or are we always just searching? The Deniers Are Affirmers; God’s Truth Can Be Known.
  • 09… “A New Breed of Preachers,” by H.A. Dixon. Generation Gap.
  • 12… “Mistakes the Bible Does not Make,” by Robert Camp. The Bible Does Not Teach an Unordered Universe; The Bible Does not Teach Spontaneous Generation; The Bible Does not Teach that Bleeding a Person is a Means of Increasing His Health; The Bible Does not Teach the Doctrine of a Flat Earth; Thousands More.
  • 15… “Current Issues and the Law of the Excluded Middle,” by Thomas B. Warren. The Decline of Protestantism and the Cause of that Decline; Laws of Human Thought; Law of Excluded Middle; Current Opposition to the Truth of This Law; The Law of Excluded Middle Applied to Some Concrete Propositions; How This Writer Evaluates the Views Stated Above; The Gravity of this Question Must be Recognized.
  • 18… “The Gospel is Relevant,” by Malcolm L. Hill. “There is not a person living today who can name one new sin basically and fundamentally.”
  • 20… “How to Establish Bible Authority,” by Roy Deaver. Actions and Obligations; Authority is Established by Example; Authority is Established by Inference; Authority is Established by Direct Statement; Authority is Established by Expediency.
  • 23… “The New Morality,” by Harold Hazelip.
  • 25… “Freedom of Will Does Not Imply Relativism,” by Virgil R. Trout. The Basis of Free Will; The Assertions of Christian Revelation.
  • 29… “Fellowship with Denominations?,” by Alan E. Highers. No Fellowship with Darkness (Ephesians 5:11); Know the Truth (John 8:32).
  • 31… “We Can ‘See’ the Bible Alike,” by Andrew Connally. The Bible is God’s Revelation of His Will; The Bible Has Been Accurately Translated; The Bible is Infallible Always!; The Bible is Complete and Final, Absolutely; The Bible is Intelligible to the Intelligent; The Bible Can Be Understood by Man, Provided He is Honest; The Bible Properly Understood is Authoritative; This Understanding of the Bible Produces a Common Faith and a Common Obedience.
  • 35… “What Are Our Most Pressing Needs?,” by Thomas B. Warren. A Situation in Our Own Nation; What Are We Doing about This Situation?; Our Task in this Matter; What is Needed to Accomplish this Task?.
  • 38… “The Bible is Complete, Final, and Understandable,” by Eugene W. Clevenger.
  • 41… “Some Basic Errors of Liberalism,” by Rubel Shelly.
  • 44… “God’s Word Meets Man’s Needs,” by Rubel Shelly (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

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