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January 1970

Volume 1, #2

THEME: “The Inspiration of the Bible.”

  • 01… “The Bible is Inspired and Authoritative—Our Basic Argument,” by Thomas B. Warren. The Most Fundamental Problem; Another Fundamental Problem; Has God Revealed Himself?; The Matter of “Authority” is Crucial; The Basic Argument; How Decide?; The Articles in this Issue.
  • 04… “What the Bible Claims for Itself,” by William Woodson. The Claims of the Bible; Application to Problem Areas.
  • 05… “Inspiration—It’s Meaning,” by Roy Deaver. Promise and Fulfillment; God and Authority; The Son and Authority; The Apostles and Authority; The Gift of Prophecy; Pertinent Passages (1 Corinthians 2:9-13; Ephesians 3:1-5).
  • 11… “The Unity of the Bible,” by Roy Deaver. Unity in Theme and Purpose; Unity in Books; Unity in Presentation.
  • 14… “The Influence of the Bible on Culture,” by H.A. (Buster) Dobbs.
  • 16… “The Bible: Its Canon and Text,” by Neil R. Lightfoot.
  • 18… “The Circulation, Translation, and Survival of the Bible,” by Clyde M. Woods. The Bible Has Survived; The Bible is Widely Circulated.
  • 21… “The Bible Meets Man’s Needs,” by Max Leach.
  • 23… “The Bible Deals with Profound Themes,” by Cecil N. Wright. God; World; Man; Salvation; Evil; Eschatology; Pure, Holy, Good.
  • 26… “The Bible and Archeology,” by Jack P. Lewis. Shishak; Moabite Stone; Sargon; Sennacherib; Fall of Jerusalem.
  • 28… “Treatment of Miracles in the Bible,” by Hugo McCord.
  • 29… “Biblical Prophecy as an Evidence of Inspiration,” by Rubel Shelly. Prophecy Defined; Characteristics of Biblical Prophecy; Examples of Fulfilled Prophecy; Detailed Prophecies about Christ.
  • 32… “The Bible View of God,” by Andrew M. Connally. Evidences of God’s Existence; The Characteristics of God—His Nature; The Omniscience or Wisdom of God; The Omnipresence of God; God’s Will.
  • 35… “The Presentation of Christ in the Bible,” by E. Claude Gardner. The Pre-existence; His Mission; His Perfection; His Human and Divine Characteristics; His Death; His Resurrection; His Authority.
  • 38… “The Bible View of the World,” by Eugene W. Clevenger. The Origin of the World; The Purpose of the World; The Destiny of the World; The Superiority of this View.
  • 40… “The Bible and the Origin of Man,” by Robert Camp.
  • 42… “The Bible and the Mind of Man,” by James D. Bales. Christianity Does Not Fetter Thought; Unbelief Fetters Thought.
  • 45… “The Ethical Standard in the Bible,” by Harold Hazelip. Its Absolute Nature; Its Universal Nature; Its Unchanging Nature.
  • 47… “Some Relationships of the Bible and Science,” by Virgil R. Trout. The Construction of a Positive View.
  • 50… “How the Bible Deals with History,” by Earl West.
  • 52… “The Importance of the Scriptures,” by Rubel Shelly. The Narrow Choice; Sure Foundation for Our Faith; Basis for Religious Unity; The Bible’s Claims Upon Us; Bibliolatry.
  • 55… “The Bible is the Infallibly Inspired Word of God,” by Gus Nichols. The Book of Nature; Greatest Miracle in the Whole Universe; Can the Bible be a Witness in Its Own Defense?; Internal Evidences of Inspiration and Divinity; The Bible Was Written to Witnesses; Witnesses of the New; Unity of the Scriptures.
  • 58… “The Inspiration of the Bible,” by B.C. Goodpasture.

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