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April 1970

Volume 1, #3

THEME: “Jesus Christ, the Son of God.”

  • 00… “Jesus Christ—The Son of God,” by Thomas B. Warren. The Basic Argument; Are the Premises True?
  • 01… “The Pre-Existence and Birth of Jesus,” by Wayne Jackson.
  • 04… “The Perfect Character of Christ,” by R.C. Oliver. Whence Came These Books?; The Perfect Character within the Books; Whence Came this Perfect Character? Seven Laws of Myths.
  • 08… “Jesus—the Incomparable Teacher,” by Thomas B. Warren. Jesus Was the Incomparable Teacher—12 Points.
  • 12… “Jesus As a Miracle Worker,” by Gus Nichols. Was a Miracle Worker; Were Miracles of Blessing; Were to Prove His Claims; What Are Miracles?; Are Miracles Greater?; God is Able to Work Miracles; Jesus Claimed Such Power; A Catalogue of Jesus’ Miracles.
  • 16… “Jesus—Saviour and Friend,” by Eugene W. Clevenger. The Meaning of Salvation; The Claims of Scripture; Our Greatest Friend.
  • 19… “Prophecy Fulfilled in the Life of Jesus Christ,” By James D. Bales. The Promise; Prophet Like Unto Moses (Deuteronomy 34:10-12; Acts 3:22-23); A Heavenly King (Psalms 110:14); An Eternal Kingdom (Daniel 2:31-45); A New Covenant (Jeremiah 31:31-34); Redemption through His Death (Isaiah 53); A Promise to You (Matthew 5:3, 6; Luke 8:11-15; John 7:17).
  • 24… “Jesus Christ—God’s Supreme Gift to Man,” by Neil R. Lightfoot. The Greatest Passage of All (John 3:16-21); The Greatest Gift of All; The Greatest Love of All; The Greatest Purpose of All.
  • 26… “Jesus—Prophet, Priest, King, and Head,” by B.J. Naylor. Jesus as Prophet; Jesus as Priest; Jesus as King; Jesus as Head.
  • 30… “Jesus Really Lived and Died,” by Raymond Muncy.
  • 33… “The Resurrection of Jesus,” by Basil Overton. General Concessions; The Swoon Theory; The Spiritualistic Theory; The Vision Theory; Did the Apostles Steal the Body?
  • 38… “Jesus Christ—His Mission, Authority, Message, and Commission,” by Roy Deaver. Why Jesus Came into the World; The Authority He Claimed; His Message for Men; The Details of the Great Commission; The Implications of the Commission.
  • 41… “Jesus Christ—His Second Coming and Judgment,” by Alan E. Highers. The Fact of His Coming; The Time of His Coming; The Hope of His Coming; The Great Day of Judgment.
  • 45… “If Ye Love Me…,” by Rubel Shelly. Jesus Christ: the Object of Our Faith; Jesus Christ: the Object of Our Love; The Test of Faith and Love; Commands to Be Obeyed; Blessings of Obedience.

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