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July 1970

Volume 1, #4

THEME: “The Church in the New Testament.”

  • 00… “The Church—How Its Unity is Both Attained and Maintained,” by Thomas B. Warren. What Solution Does God’s Word Give Us?; This Unity is Attained by the New Birth;
    This Unity Maintained by “Walking in the Light.”
  • 01… “What is the Church?,” by Guy N. Woods. What is the Church?; What is the Church in Its Practical Aspects?; What Then, is the Church?
  • 05… “The Church is Undenominational,” by Thomas B. Warren. What is Unity?; What Are the Causes of this Situation?; Is This Situation Acceptable to God?; Division is Condemned; Unity is Upheld.
  • 08… “The Church is the Saved,” by Roy Deaver. Christ is the Saviour; Salvation is in Him; The Saved Are in the Body; The Saved are in the Church.
  • 11… “The Church is the Blood Purchased,” by Elvis H. Huffard. Blood in the Scheme of Redemption; The Individual is Bought with a Price; The Church Purchased by the Blood; Implications.
  • 14… “The Body of Christ,” by Reeder Oldham. The Body and the Church; The Body and Christ; The Body and Baptism; The Body and Its Members.
  • 18… “The Church of Christ—the Kingdom of the King of Kings,” by E.R. Harper. The Time Table of Prophecy; Their Fulfillment; Time Equation; Christ, the Branch, The King; The Punch Line; His Priesthood; Pinpointing the Time; A Great Argument; The Time Equation Kills; Conclusions—The Prophecies Fulfilled; The Church and Kingdom Relationship.
  • 22… “The Church is the Family of God,” by W. Joe Hacker, Jr.
  • 26… “The Church is Called Out,” by Danny F. Cottrell. Definition; Called Out by Whom?; Called Out of What?; Called Out for What?
  • 28… “The Church is the Fulness of Christ,” by Foster L. Ramsey, Sr.
  • 31… “The Church is the Pillar and the Ground of Truth,” by Andrew M. Connally. 1 Timothy 3:14-15. Jesus Christ Our Completeness; The Christian Complete in Christ; The Church—the Fulness of Christ; Jesus Christ—The Source.
  • 34… “You Can Be a Member of the Church,” by Rubel Shelly. Entrance Desired; Present Attitudes toward the Church; How is the Church Entered?; The New Birth (John 3:3-5); Two Other Important Passages (1 Corinthians 12:13; Galatians 3:26-27).
  • 39… “The Church is the Bride of Christ,” James D. Bales. Christ Created the Bride; Christ’s Authority Over the Church; Bride Can Be Deceived; Christ’s Love for the Church; Our Relationship to One Another; Christ is the Saviour of the Church; Christ’s Goal for His Church.
  • 42… “Restoring the New Testament Church,” Rubel Shelly. Is the Plea for Restoration Valid?; Restoring the Plan of Salvation; Restoring the Worship; Restoring the Organization.
  • 48… “Binding by Implication,” by Robert Camp. The Initial Mistake; A Good Example; A Terrible Alternative; An Arbitrary Decision; Summation.

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