Genesis 29

Chapter StudiesGenesis TWENTY-NINE

by David Lemmons

As God had promised (Genesis 28:15), Jacob was brought safely to the place where he could meet his future wife.  He gallantly introduces himself to Rachel as he takes care of the sheep she was minding for her father.  He receives a warm greeting from his uncle, Laban and others of the family.  A deal is struck between Laban and Jacob.  Jacob will receive Rachel as his wife if he will work for Laban for seven years.  However, when the time passes (and the seven years seemed like a few days to Jacob), Laban pulls a dirty trick on Jacob and substitutes the older daughter, Leah, for Rachel.  In his feeble explanation, Laban pleads that the younger daughter must not be married before the elder in their society.  Jacob received Rachel also upon agreeing to work another seven years.  When the Lord saw (and perhaps Leah prayed to Him about the matter, v. 33) that Leah was loved less than Rachel, he blessed Leah with four sons.

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