Read the NT Monthly

Open BibleRead the New Testament Monthly…

by David Lemmons

I truly wish there was something I could do to get people to read the Bible more.  I know how Bible reading has affected me and I know that it would be a blessing to the lives of every person who makes it a regular practice.  Members of churches of Christ used to be known as PEOPLE WHO KNOW THE BOOK, meaning that they knew the Bible.  It is sad that honesty demands making the previous statement with the past tense verb!

It is my practice to begin my day with Bible reading.  This reading is basically from three reading plans and requires a little more than an hour each day.  One of the plans I follow is reading through the New Testament monthly.  To avoid frustration, on those days when something knocks me off of my regular schedule, I do not attempt to “make up” for the reading that I did not do at my regular time.  However, I try to make these occasions rare.

It may not appeal to all, but I enjoy reading the Bible text on my computer as the text is read audibly through the sound system of the computer.  With all three of the reading plans, I follow this system.  Two of them are online, and one is from my own hard drive.  It helps greatly to have a 22-inch monitor for doing this kind of reading.  I enlarge the text also above the normal size.  I made a previous post to this blog regarding the KJV on DVD.  In this post I describe a way to have the Bible read to you without even having to turn the pages or hit any keys.  I have this DVD uploaded to my computer’s hard drive and do not even have to mess with inserting the DVD.  Please visit that previous post and read about this DVD.  If you purchase this DVD (there is a link on the previous post to where you can get it) you can also view it on your TV system at home.

Let me list for you now the 31 segments of the New Testament Scriptures which I use in reading through the New Testament each month (since some months only have 30 days, one day of those months, you are blessed with 2 readings).  It is my sincere hope that you will make a commitment to do the reading.  It does require some time.  I have, in times past, used technology to SPEED UP the reading of the text and that is easy to do with mp3 files.  However, it does require time, and you will never receive the benefit without committing the time.  Here are the 31 segments…

  • 01… Matthew 1-9
  • 02… Matthew 10-17
  • 03… Matthew 18-24
  • 04… Matthew 25-28; Hebrews 1-2
  • 05… Hebrews 3-11
  • 06… Hebrews 12-13; James
  • 07… 1 Peter; 2 Peter; Jude
  • 08… Luke 1-6
  • 09… Luke 7-11
  • 10… Luke 12-18
  • 11… Luke 19-24
  • 12… Acts 1-7
  • 13… Acts 8-13
  • 14… Acts 14-20
  • 15… Acts 21-28
  • 16… Mark 1-8
  • 17… Mark 9-16
  • 18… 1 Thessalonians; 2 Thessalonians; Galatians
  • 19… Romans 1-8
  • 20… Romans 9-16
  • 21… 1 Corinthians 1-11
  • 22… 1 Corinthians 12-16; 2 Corinthians 1-5
  • 23… 2 Corinthians 6-13; Philippians
  • 24… Ephesians; Colossians; Philemon
  • 25… 1 Timothy; 2 Timothy; Titus
  • 26… John 1-7
  • 27… John 8-13
  • 28… John 14-21
  • 29… 1 John; 2 John; 3 John; Revelation 1-5
  • 30… Revelation 6-14
  • 31… Revelation 15-22