A Dozen Sermons…

This past weekend I was privileged to hear a dozen sermons and speak to nearly two dozen preacher friends in Kentucky. For the past dozen years I have attended the West Kentucky Bible Lectures in Paducah. This year made the 13th for me, though it was the 29th altogether. I had to drive 500 miles one way to make it this year, which is much more than the 15 or so of previous years.

It sort of amazes me how brethren fail to take advantage of good opportunities to study the word of God. Though there are multitudes of churches of Christ within easy driving distance of the Sunny Slope church in Paducah, the building was far from being full at any session that I attended.

This year’s theme was: “Who is on the Lord’s Side?” There were eight preachers participating in the lectureship. A total of ten sermons were presented with an additional Open Forum. All of the lessons were worthwhile and provided good edification. There were three which I consider to be exceptional. I had my digital recorder beside me and recorded those three lessons. The quality of the recording is not the finest, but I believe one can hear the lessons well enough to benefit from them. The lesson from Cliff Goodwin on instrumental music was tremendously well done. Should you care to listen to the three recordings, please Email me your request at the address listed on this page, and I will send it by attached mp3 file.

  • The Church in the Eternal Purpose of God, by B.J. Clarke.
  • Instrumental Music in the Worship, by Cliff Goodwin.
  • Our Lord Prayed for Unity, by Glenn Colley.

Brother Kendal Rasnake was present to video tape the lectures. He makes available a DVD of all of the lectures for $25, an mp3 CD for $15 and other formats. He lists the individual speakers and their subjects at his site. You may visit the site by clicking H-E-R-E.