Mid-Week Bible Study

A Dozen Reasons Why I Attend Mid-week Bible Study

by Todd Clippard

This week I received a question from a member of the church (via the Internet) asking, “Do I have to attend mid-week Bible study?” This was my response.

  • 01. I love God and don’t believe he ever asked, “Do I have to send my son to die for Todd’s sins?”
  • 02. Though Jesus prayed for another way, he willingly submitted himself when his Father said, ‘You are the only way.’
  • 03. I love my elders and appreciate their wisdom in providing any opportunity for me to grow spiritually.
  • 04. I love my brethren and am always encouraged when I am able to spend time with them.
  • 05. I still have much to learn about the Bible, so my preparations for and participation in class help me to be more Bible literate.
  • 06. I hate to consider what my brethren would think of me if I willingly absented myself from them.
  • 07. I want everyone to know whose side I’m on, including my wife, my children, the world and the Devil!
  • 08. I don’t know a single person whom I would consider a dedicated Christian who willingly absents himself from the mid-week Bible study.
  • 09. I can’t think of any good reason that I could give God as to why I shouldn’t attend.
  • 10. I can’t think of a single activity whereby I can be strengthened by God’s Spirit in my inner man than through Bible study and personal devotion.
  • 11. Like most folks, I can always use a “shot in the arm” to strengthen, exhort and invigorate me to finish my week strong so I am ready to assemble again on Sunday.
  • 12. I believe in the presence of God in our assemblies; therefore I want to be where God is!