1 Peter 3 Links

1 Peter 3 Bible Study Links…

Book… Books of Value for Church Libraries, by David R. Kenney.

Chapter 3… Video Numbers 7-10 deal with portions of 1 Peter 3, by Chuck Horner.

3:01-07… Less than Ideal Situations — Christians Can (must) Deal With!, by William Sexton.

3:03-04… Fashion Oddities and Public Worship, by Wayne Jackson.

3:04… 1 Peter 3:4–The Incorruptible Spirit, by Wayne Jackson.

3:05-07… The Role of Women, by Robert R. Taylor, Jr.

3:14-16… Sanctify Christ as Lord in Your Hearts, by Jon W. Quinn.

3:15… Be Ready to Answer, Alan E. Highers.

3:15… Jesus and the Hope of Heaven, by Jody L. Apple.

3:15… Blind Faith, by Dave Miller.

3:15… How to Be Ready to Give an Answer, by Jack Williams.

3:15-16… An Answer for the Hope, by Zeke Flores.

3:18-20… Did Jesus Go to Hell?  Did He Preach to Spirits in Prison?, by Dave Miller.

3:18-21… Is Baptism a Symbol?, by Dave Miller.

3:20-21… In the Days of Noah, by Jon W. Quinn.

3:20… God’s Longsuffering is not Eternal, by Eric Lyons.

3:21… Please Explain 1 Peter 3:21, by Wayne Jackson.

3:21… 1 Peter 3:21, by Hugo McCord.

3:21… A Study of Biblical Typology, by Wayne Jackson.

3:21… Baptism and the New Birth, by Dave Miller.

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