Tradition versus Reason

A new husband watched his bride prepare a ham for the oven.  he noticed she cut off a few inches of the end.  When asked by, she replied that the only reason she could give was that her mother had always done it that way.  They called her mother who admitted she always cut off a few inches, because “my mother did it that way.”  Finally, they consulted Grandma, who said, “Oh, I always did that because my pan was too small.”

This illustrates that we may follow customs without even considering if we are doing the right thing!

Even in religion, some follow family customs and traditions without real personal convictions.  Many have inherited their religion from their family instead of basing their faith upon the Word of God.

Friend, your mother and father could have been wrong in what they learned and what they taught you.  Study your Bible for yourself!

–From: the bulletin of THE SAKS CHURCH OF CHRIST, 11/16/08.