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LemmonsAid Posts from the Past

From time to time we will be listing a few posts that were originally sent out on the LemmonsAid Email List, and then posted to my website.

  • A good place to begin would be an excellent outline presented by the late Wendell Winkler to our Prison Epistles Class back in 1981, entitled: “We CAN Understand the Bible.”  It was posted in two parts because of its length.  Part 1: H-E-R-E; Part 2: H-E-R-E.
  • I prepared a sermon for Dick Sztanyo’s class on Apologetics entitled: “Is the Sword Dependable?”  I have used it often.  Perhaps it could be helpful to you.  Find it H-E-R-E.
  • I like the lesson J.L. May pointed out from A SLICE OF BOLOGNA, which appeared in The Friend of Truth a few years back.  See what you think about it by clicking H-E-R-E.
  • John Gipson gave a great illustration regarding: “What’s in a Name,” H-E-R-E.
  • How I wish I knew who wrote the thought-provoking poem, “Little Barefoot Buford,” but to me it has remained anonymous.  What a powerful lesson it teaches about the importance of inviting others to gospel meetings!  H-E-R-E.

More to come later…