50 Years Ago

As I was preparing for Sunday’s sermon, I ran across a very interesting article which was originally written by a relative of mine exactly 50 years ago today!  I was struck by the power of the writing and decided to present it here on this blog.  Its truthfulness and simplicity and understandibility are amazing to me.  I am thankful to have read it!  Please click on the link below to read the complete editorial.

There is But One Way

by Reuel Lemmons

People must never be allowed to forget that there is but one way. The idea is entirely too prevalent that there are many different ways of reaching heaven. The thought is usually advanced that we are all trying to go to the same place, and that some way somehow we will all make it. The Impression is quite universal that since we read out of the same Bible and profess to be serving the same God, that every man may go his own way and that all roads will some day end in glory.

There could not be a more dangerous thought. No man ever received this idea from reading his Bible. The Bible teaches no such doctrine. If he believes this, it is because he has heard some human being make the statement, and has blindly followed the man rather than the word of God.

Did you ever take time to search the scriptures to find out whether this thought were in the Bible? Per­haps we believe that way because we WANT to believe that way. We would like to do things in religion as we want to do them; we would like to be what we want to be; and would like for God to accept us when life is over as we wish to be. An unwillingness to bend our wills to God’s will is usually behind the idea that we can pursue any course we please and still go to heaven.

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