Bible Class Attendance


A brother in the Lord, who is a cherished friend of mine, recently wrote and asked me a question along these lines. There may be a few isolated cases and congregations in which the number who attend Bible classes matches the number who attend worship services, but unfortunately, those would be exceptions, rather than the standard practice.

Our brother’s concern is legitimate. Every local church of which I have ever had knowledge has had members who did not regularly attend Sunday and/or mid-week Bible classes. Spiritually-minded saints and congregational leaders are always wondering what, if anything, can be done to increase attendance of Bible classes. Let me offer a few suggestions for all of us to consider.

Present Bible class attendance to the congregation as a priority, something that we look at as being mighty important. Advertise the classes. Make it known to the whole church that our goal is to have 100% attendance of our members coming to every Bible class. We recognize that sometime things happen that are totally out of members’ control and legitimately prevent them from attending Bible classes, but we are talking about all of our folks having a desire and making an effort to be at such classes. I personally am befuddled by the mindset that presents the goal for Bible class attendance as a lower figure from the number who attend worship on the Lord’s day. What kind of message does it send when we tell members that our goal for Sunday worship is 100 people, but our goal for Bible classes on Sunday is 75 people, and our goal for mid-week Bible classes is 40?! Why not make the goal 100%?!

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