Seeking Truth

Seeking the Truth from the Master Teacher

by Tom Moore


A. Jesus is correctly called the “Master Teacher”

1.         Jesus was not like the religious leaders of His day (or any day), because He had the knowledge and authority needed to instruct others in the most effect way.

2.         Matthew 7:28-29

B. There are many today who claim we cannot know truth, or that it is too difficult to obtain

1. Such false teaching leads many to become discouraged – not seeing the need for study

2. The Bible teaches that we can come to a knowledge of truth

3. Ephesians 3:3-4 – truth is knowable

a. John 8:30-32

1) Thus, through Christ we can know truth

2) A mark of a true disciple is one who continually seeks for truth

b. Acts 17:11

c. John 5:39

1) Seeking truth is vitally important

2) Let us now consider what seeking the truth from the Master Teacher is like …

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