H-E-R-E is an extensive outline/overview of the Book of Ephesians, which features a multitude of questions, that are answered in the text.

The Best

The Best

Wade Webster

Back in the 1940s Notre Dame had a starting center by the name of Frank Syzmanski.  Syzmanski was called to be a witness for a lawsuit that was filed against the Notre Dame athletic department.  The judge asked him, “Are you the starting center on the Notre Dame football team?”  “Yes, I am, Your Honor,” replied Syzmanski.  “How good of a center are you?”  asked the judge.  Syzmanski paused for a moment and said, “Your Honor, I am the finest center in the history of Notre Dame football.”  Joe Leahy, Notre Dame’s football coach, was sitting in the courtroom.  Syzmanski’s answer stunned Leahy since the center had always been such a quiet and unassuming player.  During a recess, Coach Leahy asked him about what he said on the witness stand.  Syzmanski blushed and answered, “I’m sorry, Coach.  But I was under oath and I had to tell the truth.” [Farrar, Steve, Anchorman, Nashville, Tennessee: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1998, p. 142-43].  I love that story, even if it is about Notre Dame football.  How good are you at what you do?  How good of a servant of Jesus Christ are you?  Be honest!  Are there improvements that you need to make in your Christian life?  If so, then make them.  Be the best.  Be a vessel that God can use mightily in His service (2 Tim 2:21).  One day, you will be called to answer.

My SOURCE: The Searcher, March 15, 2009.  DRL Note: Wade Webster has begun a new section of his bulletin in which he shares with the readers: Riches from My ReadingThis post is from that section.